Data Submission

The VirHostNet's team stronly encourages both academic and private research teams or laboratories working on virus-host / virus-virus protein-protein interactions to submit their dataset. These datasets can be either produced by high-throughput experiments (Yeast Two-Hybrid, Tap-Tag, Co-IP, Pull-Down etc.) or by manual expertise of litterature.

1) Data preparation.
Protein-protein interaction datasets can be sent in PSI-MI complient data formats by following the recommendation of the Molecular Interaction WorkGroup and the IMEX consortium. We also propose as a service to generate this PSI-MI complient data format from personal .xls or plain text format files.

2) Data submission.
Send the dataset by e-mail to Navratil Vincent (PhD, Principal Investigator).

3) VirHostNet citation.

Please cite "VirHostNet: a knowledgebase for the management and the analysis of proteome wide virus-host interaction networks." Navratil V. et al. january 2009 Nucleic Acids Research - database issue [html] [pdf]

4) Data access.
The submited protein-protein interactions dataset will be assciated to its unique PMID (Pubmed identification number) and will be available from the virhostnet database upon publication.

5) Data mining and discovery tools.
This submission process will allow you to :
(i) compare your dataset to a unique knowledge-based resource allready and freely available in VirHostNet and
(ii) to apply web-based data mining and visualisation tools.

Data previously submited
  • Identification of Cellular Proteins That Interact with the Adeno-Associated Virus Rep Protein Nash K, Chen W, Salganik M, Muzyczka N. J Virol. 2009 Jan;83(1):454-69. [18971280]
  • Identification of Rep-Associated factors in HSV-1-induced AAV-2 replication compartments. Nicolas A, Alazard-Dany N, Biollay C, Arata L, Jolinon N, Kuhn L, Ferro M, Weller SK, Epstein AL, Salvetti A, Greco A. J Virol. 2010 Jun 23. [Epub ahead of print] [20573815]